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Off to the Grand Canyon..Summer Ride Part 9

20180803_072805Wake up in Kanab Utah and time to go. But first, a hearty breakfast. Let’s start with STRONG coffee…well, according to Les. Next stop North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

20180803_091632“Ugghhh, Les…are you sure we’re going the right way???” Turns out, yes we were and what a fun ride.20180803_092715It was a great day at the North Rim, this was another of Les’ desires for this trip. It was a perfect day in all ways.20180803_130231It wasn’t a long day ride but it was a long day just the same.

20180803_172656After hiking around different view points of the North Rim of The Grand  Canyon…and yes..no matter how many times I have been there it is a whole more than just a big hole in the ground.

Late lunch , early supper at the oldest (?) Navajo trading post in Arizona. Food was good. but….a little too touristy.

20180803_171105Next stop, Flagstaff…


Summer Ride; Part eight


The ride to Kanab was great, especially here…what a place. Beautiful. Even with a Porta  Potty in the background?20180803_14350520180803_143340The ride from here was pretty easy but again…great scenery all the way. Never a dull moment…until we got to Kanab. It looked liked we were yet again running into rain however the motorcycle Gods shined on us and we arrived nice and dry. Brian, Kanab Utah ex roadracer good guy

You never know who you are going to meet on the road.So here we are at a Motel 6 in Kanab Utah. It was a very nice place. When Les and I checked in the young lady, Frankie, that checked us in was wonderful. She told us we could leave our motorcycles under the awning to keep them out of the rain…that did show up 30 minutes later.  Wait…didn’t this happen just a few days ago in Colorado? Dodged the weather by minutes? Les and I are lucky guys…sometimes.

Anyway, back to meeting interesting people. When we tried to park our bikes under the canopy there was another motorcycle there and was positioned so that we couldn’t fit all three motorcycles. Frankie called the persons room and out he came and we all three got covered. Now, here is the interesting part (yes I know some these stories are a bit boring…) This is Brian, we got to talking about motorcycles (DUH) and we found out we have a common bond…Racing. He too is an ex-roadracer. He’s from Utah but has raced at Willow Springs (my home track here in Southern California) and other tracks we share in common. So there goes the next hour. An hour well spent.