Do you spend hours and hours pouring over maps? Do you wait anxiously for the latest catalog full of all manner of traveling goodies that you just can’t live without? Do you read every travel story in your favorite motorcycle magazines every month? And then re-read them five times? I do. Anticipating and planning a trip is all part of the enjoyment of traveling on a motorcycle.

I have spent just over 50 years and over of a Million (1,000,000) miles on a motorcycle and my rear end will attest to it…so will my Chiropractor bills. I have traveled solo, two up, with friends, two up with friends, and even taken a few organized long distance rides (the SCMA 3 Flags Classic). I have ridden all over the western United States and Canada on everything from a 1972 Honda CB350 to a 1995 Triumph Daytona, a BMW R90s, A Ducati Darmah, Honda CB750F and a couple others . The little CB carried me and all my camping gear (which back then wasn’t all that light…) up and over the Sierra’s, on up to Oregon, over to Idaho and home without a hiccup.

If I only have a few days for a trip, my favorite ride is criss crossing the Sierra passes. I’ve ridden some of these passes so many times that I think I could do them blindfolded and still, I never get tired of them. Over the past few years I have started taking friends, who have never been what you would call travelers, on these roads. It is always fun to hear at every stop just how great the road, the scenery, everything is. The smile on their face, the stories they tell when they get home is a true joy. See more at http://www.themotoworld.com

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